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A Look At One Of The Major Causes Of Anxeity

A Look At One Of The Major Causes Of Anxeity


My Personal Experience

  One of the major causes of Anxiety for most Parents relates to issues about their Finance, Children, Family, etc. It is one of the reasons that propelled to share my story to help other individuals who are on this bend to rise

How I Got Stronger

How I got Stronger

  Simple things such as driving, going up the stairways of a flight, bathing, waiting on the line for the cashier at the department store got me uneasy with full-throttle fear.   This happened over a particular period, and it had started with one simple panic attack experience. During the

The Beast

The Beast


  Crushed under the weight of what seemed like the heaviest of beasts imaginable, the Panic Attack. It would sit pearched on my shoulders, sometimes for minutes, other times for hours and hours on end. Unshakeable weight, crushing my spine and debilitating my lungs.  

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