Panic Attacks Can Be Beaten



Written by: Alina J.

February 15, 2016.





My father had his first panic attack a few years ago.

As he was walking on the pavement in front of the building we live in to go to work, he suddenly had the impression that the bushes on each side of the pavement are extending in front of him.

He thought the bushes are about to cover him entirely.

At the same time, he had a strange feeling that he is powerless, that he has no air and that his heart is beating fast.


Luckily, he reached his car and took the time to calm down.

We found out later about the incident and the cause seemed to be my father’s late payments for the bank rates.

Going to a psychologist, my father found out that the key to avoiding such problems in the future is to always have a positive attitude and never stress too much even if there is a good reason to be stressed. Since this incident, nothing bad has happened again.


Panic Attacks
Panic Attacks



I have read about many cases of panic attacks.


I can tell you that you are not alone in this and your panic attacks are beatable. You need to stay positive and to look for ways to soothe yourself from time to time.

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