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Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

  To some people, speaking in public is a daunting affair. Such persons usually go to great lengths to avoid giving speeches.   Causes of public speaking fear   The fear of speaking in public is known as Glossophobia, and is rooted in social phobia. It stems from the fear of being judged. In a

My Way Out Of Panic Attacks

Self Awareness – My Way Out of Anxiety and Panic Attacks

  I experienced my first attack 10 years ago, a few days after my dad left us for another woman.   A few months later, I was diagnosed with mixed anxiety-depressive disorder. I have never confirmed if the trauma of my dad leaving is the trigger for my panic attacks, but I do know that

The Beast

The Beast

Suffocating   Crushed under the weight of what seemed like the heaviest of beasts imaginable, the Panic Attack. It would sit pearched on my shoulders, sometimes for minutes, other times for hours and hours on end. Unshakeable weight, crushing my spine and debilitating my lungs.   Sometimes the weight would make it so that I

Types Of Anxiety

Types of Anxiety

In medicine, one of the solutions to effectively treating disorders and diseases is having the right information on a particular condition. This is because the right information, which is usually a result of various tests, can guide the physician and patient on the mode of treatment.   This is very true for most, if not

Medications vs Psychotherapy

Anxiety Treatment – Medications vs Psychotherapy

  Living in the modern world has plenty of things to offer. Unfortunately, a fast paced life has also a lot to offer in terms of stress and anxiety. From anything as simple as meeting your child’s teacher to working in a stressful environment, there are plenty of things a person can worry about in

what is a panic attack?

Panic Attacks 101

  What is a panic attack?   A panic attack is that sudden occurrence of overwhelming fear and anxiety which peaks in a matter of minutes. A lot of people suffer panic attacks without actually realizing it because some of the symptoms mimic other illnesses such as heart disease, breathing disorder and thyroid problems.