My Panic Attack Experience

How I got Stronger


Written by Cedric Shaddy

Janurary 19th,  2016






Simple things such as driving, going up the stairways of a flight, bathing, waiting on the line for the cashier at the department store got me uneasy with full-throttle fear.

This happened over a particular period, and it had started with one simple panic attack experience.

During the attack, I thought I was going into cardiac arrest, and I needed an emergency vehicle, but I discovered it was only an alert of the mind.

I had no clue on what I was going through the first time I experienced a panic attack.

There was buzzing in my ears, my chest area got tight and narrow, and my pulse was becoming faster.

I was beginning to experience fear a feeling that I had never had before.

There were cold-bumps all over my body.

I believed the end of my life had come since it seemed I was going to die.


panic attack experience
My panic attack experience



I wanted to run to my mum and tell her what was going on but I couldn’t.I felt too exhausted to move so I had to remain where I was.

I shut my eyes and tried to rest as I eventually begun to hallucinate.

As I had my eyes closed, I would see a blinking light.However, when I opened them, I couldn’t see anything.

I thought this could be a satanic practice, and the devil would come from the floor and kill me.

It appeared as though there were frogs on my ceiling and a man on my door.

I felt as though I was sailing, I then dropped and returned to my bed and everything was over.

I cried to myself worrying it would occur again.

I was so frightened and worried about the possibility of having another attack and yes it did come.

Like the first attack, the world begun to close in, my hands were trembling and had a new worry for my life.

I started thinking there wasn’t any secure place for me in this small world which kept getting smaller.

However, to conquer panic attacks, train yourself to react to anxiety in ways that are recognizing and soothing.

I learnt that everything that was happening is in my head, and the world around me wasn’t my enemy.

In fact, it could be my greatest support.

With the help of friends and family along with a lot of my personal mediation, I learnt how to cope up and get stronger as a person, especially during an attack.





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