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Panic Attacks Can Be Beaten

Panic Attacks Can Be Beaten

  My father had his first panic attack a few years ago. As he was walking on the pavement in front of the building we live in to go to work, he suddenly had the impression that the bushes on each side of the pavement are extending in front of him. He thought the bushes are about to cover him entirely.   At the same time, he had a strange feeling that he is powerless, that he has no air and that his heart is beating fast.   Luckily, he reached his car and took the time to calm down. We found out later about the incident and the cause seemed to be my father’s late payments for the bank rates.   Going to a psychologist, my father found out that the key to avoiding such problems in the future is to always have a positive attitude and never stress too much even if there is a good reason to be stressed. Since this incident, nothing bad has happened again.     I have read about many cases of panic attacks. I can tell you that you are not alone in this and your panic attacks are beatable. You need to stay positive and to look for ways to soothe yourself from time to time.

A Look At One Of The Major Causes Of Anxeity

A Look At One Of The Major Causes Of Anxeity

  My Personal Experience   One of the major causes of Anxiety for most Parents relates to issues about their Finance, Children, Family, etc. It is one of the reasons that propelled to share my story to help other individuals who are on this bend to rise above this issue. I had finished from work and was watching the News when I noticed my daughter was jerking. I thought it was the usual games that Kids play, but I noticed the eyes turned pale and the body started looking pale. I knew I had an emergency on my hands.   I quickly jumped out of the Sofa and ran towards my Daughter. I looked and her and squeezed her as though it would bring her back to normal. I did not know what to do as every First Aid procedure seemed to jump out of my head. My body began to produce huge amounts of sweat as I frantically searched the living room for my Cell phone. Fortunately, a neighbor walked in while I was in a frenzy and asked me to calm down. His words were like a shot to my Nervous system as I suddenly held myself and was more composed to know what to do.   It dawned on me that it could be the high temperature that might have its toll on my daughter. As my Neighbor called 911, I went to get some Ice packs in the Fridge. I placed it on my Daughter’s head and noticed her temperature began to drop. In the space of 3 minutes, she opened her eyes and called '’Daddy’’. I simply came back to life with the sound of her voice. I gave her some fluids to take and within 5 minutes she was running round the house.  …

Beating The Odds

Beating The Odds

  I was making a trip to the town meeting when the rear tire of the car I was driving suddenly busted. The car was swerving to the right and left and all hope to control its movement seemed lost. In a bid to gain mastery in the face of looming disaster, I had a Panic attack.   My systems were immobilized and for what seemed like ages, I could not move my hands. The Car drifted at high speed towards a ditch and I knew I had to act quickly even in my sub-conscious.   The Vehicles that were coming from behind halted their movement and everyone watched helplessly to see how it would go with me. At the split of a second, from my sub-conscious I knew it was either I acted or death was imminent. Suddenly, I felt the rush of energy flow through my system.   I could feel the drops of sweat from my brow. I could not explain what was happening but I knew I had beat the panic attack. I held the Steering, breathed deeply and carefully directed the Vehicle away from the ditch. At a point, I felt the Car was going to somersault but it skidded off the road and ended on a bushy path. It was a close shave with death but I came out a survivor.   [caption id="attachment_990" align="aligncenter" width="600"] "My systems were immobilized and for what seemed like ages, I could not move my hands."[/caption]   One of the lessons I learned from this panic attack is that our initial response is very important. We have to win the mental battle before other things begin to line up. It is important to mention that our mental state could be the difference between life or death.   When…

Childhood Anxiety

Childhood Anxiety Disorder

  My Personal Story   Growing up, I have always considered myself to be reserved. Many who know me have described me, more correctly, as shy. While I related normally with my family and close relatives, I struggled to mix and to make conversation with girls, and adult strangers.   It did not help that, in my African culture, disorders like childhood anxiety and depression are frowned upon and dismissed as western illnesses. Almost naturally, my parents thought nothing of my shyness. They, however, began to worry when I enrolled for junior school.   I struggled to make the adjustment to school life and would cry or feign illness in the morning to avoid going to school. Suddenly finding myself within hordes of other children, gave me a serious fright. It is only quite recently, after noticing the same traits in my own son, that I have discovered it as social anxiety disorder.   Still, after noting that my phobia for social interaction has worsened since I had started school, my mother did not see it as irregular. Even if she had, she still would not have known what to do. When she felt moved to do something, it was to urge me to toughen up, in most cases angrily and in frustration. At that time, there were virtually no physicians trained to treat psychological illnesses in my country.   Junior School   Perhaps the greatest effect of the condition on my early school years manifested itself in my grades. In grade 1 and 2, there is little to test pupils for academic skills. Teachers often take a liking to the participative and more outgoing learners and grade these higher. As a result of this, i scored very lowly in grade 1 and 2.   My grades picked dramatically in…

How I Got Stronger

How I got Stronger

  Simple things such as driving, going up the stairways of a flight, bathing, waiting on the line for the cashier at the department store got me uneasy with full-throttle fear.   This happened over a particular period, and it had started with one simple panic attack experience. During the attack, I thought I was going into cardiac arrest, and I needed an emergency vehicle, but I discovered it was only an alert of the mind. I had no clue on what I was going through the first time I experienced a panic attack.   There was buzzing in my ears, my chest area got tight and narrow, and my pulse was becoming faster. I was beginning to experience fear a feeling that I had never had before. There were cold-bumps all over my body. I believed the end of my life had come since it seemed I was going to die.   I wanted to run to my mum and tell her what was going on but I couldn't.I felt too exhausted to move so I had to remain where I was. I shut my eyes and tried to rest as I eventually begun to hallucinate. As I had my eyes closed, I would see a blinking light.However, when I opened them, I couldn't see anything.   I thought this could be a satanic practice, and the devil would come from the floor and kill me. It appeared as though there were frogs on my ceiling and a man on my door. I felt as though I was sailing, I then dropped and returned to my bed and everything was over. I cried to myself worrying it would occur again. I was so frightened and worried about the possibility of having another attack and yes it did come.  …

My Way Out Of Panic Attacks

Self Awareness – My Way Out of Anxiety and Panic Attacks

  I experienced my first attack 10 years ago, a few days after my dad left us for another woman.   A few months later, I was diagnosed with mixed anxiety-depressive disorder. I have never confirmed if the trauma of my dad leaving is the trigger for my panic attacks, but I do know that I have a certain amount of anger and distrust on people who remind me of my dad.   When I was experiencing a bad streak of attacks late last year, I started blaming people who, in my perspective, had no clue how it feels. I started yelling at my boyfriend for not taking care of me well. Yelling at him just made things worse and my attacks started to evolve from terrible nausea to uncontrollable chilling. I did not want to be unfair to my boyfriend, so I finally collected enough courage to sit down with him for a mature talk. After talking to my boyfriend, I realized that he knows me more than I know myself.   My whole distrust about my boyfriend not knowing a single thing about people like me is just me being – as usual – paranoid and scared. I found out that he makes time to learn the science behind my anxiety and has been studying about it for the past five years. After explaining in complete detail how much he knows about anxiety and depression, he started telling me the things he learned about being in a relationship with a person who suffers from panic attacks.   Acknowledge that you will never understand how she feels, so do not try to fix her. She was not broken anyway. Never ask “are you okay?” Just tell her where you’ll be if she needs you then actually leave. That was…

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