Beating the Odds


Written by: Emeka Nonyelu

June 6, 2010





I was making a trip to the town meeting when the rear tire of the car I was driving suddenly busted.

The car was swerving to the right and left and all hope to control its movement seemed lost.

In a bid to gain mastery in the face of looming disaster, I had a Panic attack.

My systems were immobilized and for what seemed like ages, I could not move my hands.

The Car drifted at high speed towards a ditch and I knew I had to act quickly even in my sub-conscious.

The Vehicles that were coming from behind halted their movement and everyone watched helplessly to see how it would go with me.

At the split of a second, from my sub-conscious I knew it was either I acted or death was imminent. Suddenly, I felt the rush of energy flow through my system.

I could feel the drops of sweat from my brow.

I could not explain what was happening but I knew I had beat the panic attack.

I held the Steering, breathed deeply and carefully directed the Vehicle away from the ditch.

At a point, I felt the Car was going to somersault but it skidded off the road and ended on a bushy path.

It was a close shave with death but I came out a survivor.


Panic attack
“My systems were immobilized and for what seemed like ages, I could not move my hands.”



One of the lessons I learned from this panic attack is that our initial response is very important.

We have to win the mental battle before other things begin to line up.

It is important to mention that our mental state could be the difference between life or death.

When we are confronted with a situation, never feel helpless or hopeless.

We can turn things around.

We have the wherewithal to triumph in the face of danger.

We must exert the power within when we get into a curve.

Our minds must be full of the possibilities even when it looks gloomy.

We have the power to win the war no matter the storm that comes against us.





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